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Birchbox VS. Ipsy - July 2014

Hey everyone!
Today's post is going to be another post about subscription services! If you are unfamiliar with what a beauty subscription service is, it is a program that you pay for monthly (sometimes yearly), and a box of sample, deluxe, and sometimes full sized products show up at your doorstep in a box! In this monthly series I compare the two cheapest (that I know of) boxes on the US market. Birchbox and Ipsy. They both cost $10 a month and you get a box delivered to you with 4-6 products. Some months are definitely better than other months, but that is the fun of subscribing to one of these services!

You can get started with Birchbox HERE.
You can get started with Ipsy HERE.

Up first, Birchbox! 
I have a few different pictures for my Birchbox this month because some of the products didn't want to stand up, and some didn't want to lay down! Blogger problems ;) They will still be numbered as normal, sorry if it is confusing to anyone! Birchbox teamed up with Women's Health this month to curate this box! There was a pamphlet inside containing 12 challenges that you can do to #PowerUp your summer.
Birchbox : What was in mine?

1. Balance Me : Extra Care Wonder Eye Cream
Full Size Value - $38 for 15ml
Sample Size - 7ml
Thoughts - I love receiving eye cream in boxes because it is something that only uses a tiny amount, so samples last a really long time! I currently have 5 or 6 samples of eye cream and I feel like I'll never get through them! This is about half of the full size, and it has great packaging. This will last me a long time! I just tried it out and it felt really nice, no fragrance, and didn't leave my eye area oily or greasy. Love it! 

2. Whish : Shave Cream in "Acai Grapefruit"
Full Size Value - $20 for 150ml
Sample Size - 22ml
Thoughts - This doesn't smell like acai or grapefruit, so not sure where the name came from! It doesn't really have a smell, but it's a good size. I will probably take this along next time I travel! Not disappointed by this sample, but not anything I'm overly excited for either. 

3. 100% Pure : Honey Cream Wash in Gingerade
Full Size Value - $15 for 13oz
Sample Size - Foil Packet (ugh), .067 oz. 
Thoughts - I seriously hate receiving packet samples like this. They just seem to take up space and I very rarely use them especially if it is a shower product. I don't mind foil packets when it is a lotion or face product but I am very unlikely to take sample packets into the shower with me and fuss with the packaging. Not a fan. 

4. Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel
Full Size Value - $48 for 1.7 oz
Sample Size - .17 oz
Thoughts - This is probably enough to try this two or three times, but I love any type of mask or peel so I'm excited to try this. It's kind of annoying packaging, but overall I'm excited to try this! 

5. Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette Sample
Full Size Value - $34 for 20 Eyeshadows and 3 brushes. 
Sample Size - 4 mini shadows
Thoughts - These are really pretty colors! Again, I'm much less likely to use eyeshadow out of a sample pack like this when I have so many palettes to choose from, but these swatch really nicely and are definitely colors that I like to wear! 

6. Womens Health Magazine Subscription
Birchbox gifted each member with a one-year (ten issues) Women's Health magazine subscription! You just have to mail back the subscription card, to start yours! You could also send back the card saying that you don't want the magazine, and you will get a $9.99 refund check in the mail. That is amazing, the box itself is $10 so you could literally get your money back if you don't want the magazine. I'm going to redeem my free subscription though, exciting! 

Up next, Ipsy! Like said in previous posts, Ipsy products come in a makeup bag each month! I absolutely love the bag this month. It is a really bright neon pink scalloped bag. I really like this! 
 Ipsy - What was in mine!?

1. Bare Minerals 5 IN 1 Cream Eyeshadow 
Full Size Value - $18 for .10 oz
Sample Size - The sample doesn't have a size on it, but looks really similar to the full size one that I'm finding online. This possibly could be a full size product.
Thoughts - I got a really nice cool toned brown color. I like cream eyeshadows, but normally in a lighter color. It's a really great consistency, and I'm sure I'll get use out of it! 

2. Models Own Nail Polish (doesn't have a name)
Full Size Value - $10
Sample Size - Full Size :) 
Thoughts - This is a top-coat style of nail polish. I really love any possible nail polish out there, so this is a plus for me. I have something kind of similar already, but a girl can never have enough nail polish, right?! 

3. Clear Clinic Spot Treatment
Full Size Value - ??? (they're website is overly confusing, can't seem to find prices anywhere)
Sample Size - 2ml
Thoughts - I've never heard of this company, and their website is kind of weird. I will try it out, it looks like any normal spot treatment that I would have sitting in my medicine cabinet. I'm not a fan of the packaging, it's really unsanitary. I'm sure I'll use this, but not overly excited about this one. 

4. Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil
Full Size Value - $11.99 for 8oz
Sample Size - 1oz
Thoughts - Love it! I love that it is in a spray bottle, and it smells great. Love a good tanning oil, perfect product for the summer time. 

5. Lord and Berry Eyeliner in Black Silk
Full Size Value - $15 for "normal" size eyeliner
Sample Size - About half a normal pencil size. 
Thoughts - I will definitely get use out of this. Not complaining here : ) 

Final Thoughts?

Well, this month Birchbox won it for me. Ipsy usually wins every month because they usually include  multiple full-size items. I feel like my Ipsy this month was incredibly random and I'm not really excited about anything in the box. Birchbox really stepped it up this month with larger samples (minus the body wash still in foil packets). Including the Magazine Subscription is what really helped Birchbox win it for me this month. 

Do you subscribe to either of these? How was your box/bag different than mine? 
If you would like to see previous months Birchbox/Ipsy Battle click below

As always, thanks for reading
xoxo, Jaimie

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