Saturday, January 17, 2015

Friday Feature #3 : L'Oreal Infallible Shadows

Hi everyone!

I'm here with my third Friday feature of the year. Yes, I know it is now Saturday, but I had some technical difficulties with my camera yesterday, so we are all going to have to pretend that it is Friday currently.

Today, I wanted to share with you a really great drugstore product. I think I sometimes talk about a lot of high end products, and forget that some of my favorite products ever are right at your nearest drugstores. Today, I'm going to be talking about some eyeshadows! In particular, the Infallible Shadows from L'Oreal.

What are they?!

These are intense eyeshadows from L'Oreal that claim to last for a complete 24 hours. I don't know about a full 24 hours, but these things DON'T budge when they are on your eyes. L'Oreal's website says that they provide "intense, maximized color, luxurious powder-cream texture, and long lasting hold". I agree with all three of those things. They provide such an intense pigmented color, and really stay put. These are also waterproof, crease resistant, and fade resistant.

What colors are there?

This is the best part. They offer 24 shades of this eyeshadow, 24!!! I currently only own three, and I love all three that I own. After visiting their website and seeing all of the colors available I want to definitely try a few more. Below, I will show you the shades I own. I took a lot of photos, because these can look so different at so many different angles, so I wanted to be sure that I was really showing you all how gorgeous these shades are, for being so affordable.

Amber Rush

This is a color that I never thought I would like, but I love! It really brings out my brown eyes, but I know it would also make green and blue eyes pop! I apply this all over my lid, and then deepen up my crease. It gives such a gorgeous amber/rose gold shade that is seriously so beautiful in the summer, and in the fall/winter!

Midnight Blue

I actually only purchased this color because it was on major clearance one day at Rite Aid. I love navy blue, but I honestly didn't think I would use this one. I don't put this on my whole lid like I do the other two, but I love taking an eyeliner brush, and applying this on my lower lash line. It looks black from far away, but in detail it is the most gorgeous shade of navy blue, with hints of purple.

Iced Latte

This was the first shade that I picked up in this collection. It is the most gorgeous champagne shimmer, that I love all year round. I am so surprised that it barely looks like I've used this, because this is probably the most used eyeshadow I own. I put this all over my lid, and then place a darker brown shade in my crease, and outer corner, almost everyday.

How do you apply it?

My favorite way to apply this shadow is just with my fingers. It is such a unique texture, that using my fingers gives me the best color payoff, and pigmentation on my lid. I rarely use my fingers while using makeup, but this is an exception. I have tried using this with an eyeshadow brush, but it just wasn't the same. It barely gave me any color. I recommend just using your finger to apply these, it is truly the best method!

Where can I get it?

$6.97 - Walmrt
$6.99 - Target
$7.99 - Ulta
$7.99 - Rite Aid
$6.97 - Walgreens

Prices may vary depending on area, but these should range from $6-$8 in any drugstore!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Friday Feature post. I love these eyeshadows so much. I know I've talked about at least one of these before in a blog post, but I wanted to show off a few more colors and really let you guys know how much I love them!

As always, thanks for reading

Monday, January 12, 2015

True & Co : Custom Online Bra Shop, My Experience!

Today I wanted to post a review about a company/service that you can find online. A few months ago, I was in the market for a new bra. For some reason, I am not a person who likes to spend a lot of money on a bra, and when I find a good one, I usually buy two, and I'm good. I don't have a drawer full of them, and it isn't ever anything I'm excited about buying. My everyday bra started falling apart recently, and I knew that I was going to need a new one soon.

Part of the reason I hate shopping for bras, is that I've always had a really hard time finding my size. It has always been a tough thing for me, and I get so overwhelmed when shopping for a bra in a store. I end up just settling for one that doesn't fit me perfect, then I'm stuck with a bra that is poking me in the side, or just a tad too big.

I heard of True & Co, and instantly knew that I had to try it out. It is a simple way that you can try out new bras, and new sizes, all in the comfort of your OWN HOME. When I read those words, I knew right away that this was for me. I will break down the process of how to follow through with using True & Co.

Check out their website here.

1. Take your personal profile quiz. This will ask you a lot about how your current bra fits, and where it pokes, or where it is too big. It asks a lot about the type of bra and support you are looking for, and then it will pop up some suggestions and sizes to you based on your quiz.

2. Add 5 bras to your cart. I ended up added four from their suggestion list, and then went and looked around a little deeper to find a fifth one. They have such a wide range of bras, that finding 5 is no problem. They have really simple everyday bras (which is what I chose, and also really beautiful elegant and sexy pieces if that is what you are in the market for.

3. Your total will be $0.00. They don't charge you anything, and they ship the five bras to your house for FREE!

4. You will have to enter credit card information for authorization just so they have your payment on record in case you decide not to return any of the bras.

5. Once you receive your bras, you then enter your "five day try-on period". You get five days to try on the bras. This was the best part ever. I could try on one bra, and then try on some of my clothes with it. I could try on my work clothes, as well as my casual clothes to see how it fits with some of my favorite pieces of clothing.

6. Once you have decided on what you want to keep, you have to go back to the website and take your "fit feedback". It will walk through each bra and you can tell them how it fit, whether it was too big or too small, or fit perfect. This will help them make better suggestions for future purchases. During this time, you also confirm which bras you will be keeping and which ones you will be sending back.

**If you choose to send back all five bras, you aren't charged anything. They truly want you to find the right fit, so if they don't work out, you can send them all back and try again. 

7. After you complete the fit feedback, you will pay online for the bras that you will be keeping. You will then pack up the bras you don't want, in the return package. They supply a return package and a return label. It literally couldn't be easier.

8. Your last stop is to drop that package off at the post office, and you're done!

**If you don't want to do the at-home try on service, you can also just buy a bra online here like you would at any store. Free shipping over $75, and they offer free exchanges and returns within 30 days.

I seriously recommend this to anybody, of all ages. It is so simple, and makes perfect sense. I have always been weird about shopping for bras in the store, I've never known my exact size, I hate trying them on, and I feel so much pressure to buy one. This allowed me to try them on without a sales associate pressuring me to make a decision immediately. It allowed me to try it on with multiple pieces of clothing, lay down, sit down, stand up, and see how it felt.

The bra I ended up choosing for myself was the Magic Wire T-Shirt Bra, it is the perfect everyday bra, so soft, and so comfortable. This bra was $46, they have a lot of different price ranges, but I loved this one so I paid the price, still cheaper than Victorias Secret. They carry many different brands, so "True & Co" isn't a bra brand, they are a bra service.

So, have I convinced you yet that this is the best service to try out bras? You can try this out through this link here, and it will save you $25. YEP, twenty five dollars if you choose to keep a bra! I hope you try this out, I couldn't recommend it any more, it truly was so comfortable, and makes perfect sense.

As always, thanks for reading.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Feature #2 : Rosewater Facial Spray

Happy Friday!

Here I am to feature another one of my favorite products this Friday night. Did you see last weeks featured product? You can check that post out here. Today, I'm featuring a product from Mario Badescu. It is their Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater.

What is it?

According to the Mario Badescu website, this is "a refreshing, hydrating mist to use anywhere anytime. Simply formulated with fragrant Herbal Extracts and Rosewater, for a pleasant, pick me up for dehydrated, tight, and uncomfortable skin. Spray your day and night creams for a boost of hydration, or use it to set makeup, or even spray on dry hair throughout the day. Safe for all skin types, gently, and non-irritating".

That is a really accurate description, but in my terms, it is a really nice spray that leaves my skin feeling really fresh and healthy.

How do you use it?

The description up above gave a few ways to use it, but I use this for two main ways.

1. I use it to set my makeup. I have oily skin, so I tend to migrate toward products with a mattifying finish. When I finish my makeup, it can sometimes look too matte, and I like to add just a little bit of moisture so my skin looks healthy, and not like I just covered all of my face with makeup. I spray a few sprays of this over my face and it leaves my skin feeling and looking a healthy amount of "dewey".

2. At night, I spray this ALL over my face, neck, and chest after applying my moisturizer. When I apply my makeup, I do one or two sprays, but at night, I do like 5 or more. It really boosts my moisturizer, and helps it work so much better. It is also a really easy way to get some moisture to my neck and chest, because I can often get lazy and not apply my moisturizer there.

Does it smell bad?

Some people don't like the scent of this, but I don't mind it. It smells just like the title, aloe, herbs, and rosewater. It mainly smells like rosewater, which is a very gentle and pleasant smell to me!

Where can I buy it?

Mario Badescu website : 4oz for $7.00 or 8oz for $12
Ulta - 2oz for $5 (great to test it out!) or $7.00 for 4oz
Nordstrom - 4oz for $7.00

There aren't any price differences. If you want to test this out, look up at the travel size section in Ulta, for the 2oz bottle. If you know you love it, order the big bottle through Mario Badescu's website.

Anything else? 

Not much else to say about this guy. It is really gentle, great for all skin types, and super refreshing. IF you find that your skin gets dry throughout the day, or at night you really like to moisturize your skin, I would try this guy out. It leaves my skin feeling very healthy and fresh, which is a great feeling! If you have any questions about this product, leave it down below, I've used it for over a year!

As always, thanks for reading

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Products I've Used Up : #1

Today I'm showing you my trash. Yes, you read that right, my trash. I will be sharing some products that I've used completely up to the last drop, so I can truly share my opinion and my final thoughts on the product, instead of just my first impression. Here we go...

1. Ponds Makeup Remover Wipes

These have been my favorite wipes for years now. I use a makeup remover every night, before I wash my face. I go through these quite a bit, as you can see up above. I usually buy the value pack, where you get two big packages, and one travel size package. One package is under $5. These ones are a little "wet" which I like. I know some people don't love makeup wipes that are wet, but I do. It helps the makeup get off faster without too much rug and tug on my skin. These are also REALLY gentle, I can use these to remove my eye makeup, and there is never any irritation.

Will I Repurchase? : Yes, of course. :)

2. Rite Aid Brand Makeup Remover Wipes
3. Ponds Luminous Clean Makeup Remover Wipes

As you can obviously see, I go through a lot of makeup wipes. I've been saving them up for a while because I knew this post was coming. I bought the Rite Aid brand ones, because it says that they are comparable to Ponds, but half the price. I will say, they are comparable, but definitely not the same. These would work if I ever got into a bad money crunch and couldn't afford to keep buying the Ponds one, but those ones are worth the extra $2. These aren't quite as gentle, but still really nice if you are looking for some cheap ones. The pink Ponds one are just as great as the original blue. They came as a bonus on one of the packages I had previously.

Will I Repurchase? : No, I won't. I would purchase the pink wipes if they were out of the blue ones, but those are my go-to, and I don't see any reason to try any other ones!

4. Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara

This is my holy grail mascara. I've used it for years, and I always, always go back to it. It is a really great brush, with an amazing formula. It is organic, which doesn't matter to me, but it is a nice added bonus to a great mascara. I like to layer mascaras, to be sure that I have great length and volume, but this does both. I never need to layer mascara, and this also NEVER clumps. I swear I could sit in front of the mirror and apply this for 10 minutes and I wouldn't get a single clump!!

Will I Repurchase? : Yes :) I have a lot of mascaras I need to get through, but I will purchase this one when I'm ready!

*remaining photos were taken on my iPhone. My camera battery died, and my camera charger is down at my parents, sorry!! xo 

5. Maybelline Age Instant Rewind Concealer

This is a really great concealer! They make it in really bright shades, for brightening your under-eye, as well as darker shades to match your foundation and cover blemishes. I don't know if I've ever found a concealer that can so effortlessly work in so many different areas of my face. Every store around me currently doesn't have my color (medium), and I'm realizing how much I love this stuff!! I'm patiently waiting for a store near me to get my shade in so I can repurchase immediately! I highly recommend this concealer if you are new to using concealer, or just want something that is very simple to use, and kind of fool-proof.

Will I Repurchase? : Yes, as soon as my color pops into Target or Rite Aid!

6. Batiste Dry Shampoo in "A Hint of Color Dark & Deep Brown"

This is my favorite dry shampoo, ever. I have tried other ones before I discovered this, but now that I've found this, I don't see any reason to try new ones. I ran out of this about a month ago, and I finished up a few others during that time, but I definitely missed this guy. It soaks up oil better than any other dry shampoo I've ever tried. I buy mine at Ulta, but I also know they carry Batiste at Walgreens, and randomly at Charlotte Russe.

Will I Repurchase? : I did today! So excited to have this back in my life!

7. Herbal Essences Body Envy Dry Shampoo

This actually isn't 100% empty, but the packaging broke on me. The nozzle won't spray out any product, which is pretty annoying. It is a little over half gone, so I still feel like I know how I feel about it. I feel like this dry shampoo is great for day to day, if you hair gets a little bit of oil at the roots. If you are needing dry shampoo majorly, this won't do the job. I had a day where I really needed dry shampoo, so I packed this on. It totally made my hair look presentable, but created a lot of product build up and my head itched all day long! I would recommend this for everyday use, but I would definitely recommend the Batiste dry shampoo over this one.

Will I Repurchase? : No, I won't be purchasing this.

8. Mario Badescu Aloe Vera Toner

My skin doesn't react well to alcohol, so when I use a toner, I have to use an alcohol free toner. This one is very gentle, and really works well. I love Mario Badescu for skin care. I am in the market for a new toner, not because I didn't love this, but just because I love trying new toners. I would recommend this if you have sensitive skin and are looking for a toner that works well at restoring the pH balance of your skin, but doesn't leave your skin irritated. 

Will I Repurchase? : Potentially. I am going to try another one for right now, but I know that this is a good one to fall back on if I need one that won't irritate my skin.

9. Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo
10. Organix Coconut Milk Conditioner

I loved this shampoo and conditioner!!! First of all, this brand is my all time favorite for shampoo and conditioner. They have a lot of different scents/lines of hair care. I always purchase this brand of shampoo and conditioner, but I always rotate between scents so I never repurchase the same one back to back. This one has a very yummy coconut smell. It is an organic product, so it is a very natural coconut smell, not like a pina colada. It really makes my hair extra soft, and really clean. 

*A little tip with these. Look for the bottles that have that 50% More FREE sticker on the bottle. It is literally double the size at the same price. I pretty much will only buy those bottles. They offer usually one or two scents at a time in the value sizes, and those are always the ones I will buy.

Will I Repurchase? : I will definitely repurchase the brand, and after I try a few other smells, I'm sure I will come back to this! 

Well there you have it, my latest 10 products that I have used up. What have you used up lately?

As always, thanks for reading

Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Feature #1 : Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain

Happy New Year! I'm so excited for this year, I think it is going to be a really great one! A new feature I am bringing to my blog in 2015, is a "Friday Feature" post, every Friday. I normally do my monthly favorites where I round up about 5 products that I've been really loving, link them to you, and tell you how much I love them. Looking back on previous favorites posts, they are pretty much just me giving a quick summary, and then moving onto the next product.

I would hate for one of my readers to ever go buy something on my recommendation and then have to say "Well, she never told me about this!?". I want to be sure that if I recommend a product, I am telling you ALL there is to know about the product. So every Friday, I am now going to feature one product that I love. Whether it is a new product, or something that I've had for years, I am going to feature one product every week. I want to be sure to tell you everything there is to know about that one product. Such as where you can buy it, different colors it comes in, prices and price comparisons by store, and my personal thoughts!

If you have any recommendations of a product you would like me to try and then feature in a Friday Feature post, then leave it in a comment down below. In a Friday Feature post, I will also be sure to be open and honest if I didn't like a product. So, here is my first Friday Feature post!

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain

I have been loving these Moisture Stains recently from Revlon. They are a liquid lipstick, which basically is a lip gloss formula, but stays on like a lipstick and provides the same pigmentation as a lipstick would.

What Is It?!

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains are a liquid lipstick. That basically means that they have a lip gloss formula, but provides the same pigmentation and lasting power of a lipstick. This is my favorite type of product because I can't stand the feeling of dry lips. This provides a lipstick look, with the feel of a lipgloss. My lips always feel really moisturized when wearing this product, and it stays on so great!

According to the Revlon website, it "Drenches lips in a glossy wet color, and is an ultra-light creamy lip stain with Vitamin E and Aloe"

How Do You Apply It?

There are two ways you can apply these moisture stains. You can put the applicator directly to your lips and apply it like you would a lipgloss, all over the lips. This gives a really pigmented look, and really gives that "drenched lip" look like the website says. This method can be a little harsh and heavy for me.

I like to dot the applicator on my lips in three places on my top lip, and three places on my bottom lip. I then use my finger to really work it into my lips. This gives a really thin application (that is still really pigmented) without being so wet and sticky. When I apply it this way, it stays on forever, and doesn't budge.

What Colors Are Offered?

Revlon offers 12 colors in these moisture stains. I currently have 2, but really want to go grab a red one. I have a dark berry color "Parisian Passion" and a nice hot pink color "India Intrigue". My favorite is the Parisian Passion, it gives me a really nice dark berry color that is so appropriate for fall and winter, but I can also see myself wearing it in the spring and summer since it is bright.

Here are all of the colors that Revlon offers, I think I am going to pick up Shanghai Sizzle next!!


The formula is very wet. It is almost a "jelly" texture, that might be the best way to describe it. If I apply the applicator directly to my lips and all over, it can be a little heavy and too wet for me. When I apply it lightly, and then spread it out with my finger, it is a great formula. I have added some swatches down below of the two colors I own.

As you can see, the lighter color "India Intrigue" is a little more patchy, and not as pigmented as the darker color "Parisian Passion". This is why I really want to go grab the red color in this line, because I love the formula of the darker ones. It stays on great through eating and drinking, and easily re-applys if you need to touch up at all.

Where To Buy?

Walgreens - $9.99
Walmart - $8.97
Ulta - $9.99
Rite Aid - $9.99
CVS - $9.99
Target - Doesn't show the price for this online, but I'm assuming it is right around the $9.99 mark like most other stores.

Here is a picture of me wearing "Parisian Passion" it is a great dark color, but not too dark.
And here is a picture of me wearing the hot pink color "India Intrigue". It is a great everyday pink color that isn't too over the top. 

Well, there you have it, my first Friday Feature post. I hope you liked this style of a post, really giving you every detail you might need to know about this product. If you can't tell by the post, I highly recommend these lip products. I think it is the perfect product for someone who wants a strong color on the lips that is going to stay on all night, but isn't too comfortable using lipstick yet. I am itching to go buy the red color now! 

As always, thanks for reading.