Sunday, November 23, 2014


It has been such a busy month for me, and if you happened to notice, I took a week off of blogging. To get back into the swing of things, here is what is happening in my life...currently...

Currently Watching:
The AMA's! I love awards shows, my boyfriend thinks they are so dumb, but I just can't get enough of them! And yes, I will have a best/worst dressed post up soon just like I did for the MTV Music Video Awards back in August! Some other shows that I'm currently watching are Survivor, Cutthroat Kitchen, Kourtney and Khloe take the Hamptons, and The Vampire Diaries! : )

Currently Reading: 
I am listening to Big Little Lies on currently. I am a little over halfway through. I am still not too sure what I think about it, it hasn't really picked up for me yet, it has been pretty one dimensional. I know that something big happens in the book, so I'm hoping that happens soon and that it picks up. Also, speaking of books (kinda), I saw the movie Gone Girl and I was so impressed with how similar it was to the book! I seriously can't rave enough how much I love her writing, I am going to read Dark Spaces and Sharp Objects after I finish my current book!

Currently Smelling: 
Limenello by Bath and Body Works. It is such a light clean scent, and I'm about halfway through it. I also went back to using the wallflowers from BBW, and they are so amazing! I have Tis' The Season  going in mine (my favorite BBW scent EVER).

Currently Looking Forward to:
The holidays! I just wrapped up my first two courses of Grad School (hence why I have taken a week off of blogging). I get a week off of school, and then I have two more weeks of school, and then two more weeks off! I am looking forward to making some christmas candy with my mom, being able to spend time with family, and start off a new year!

Currently Working On:
Blog scheduling! I am contemplating really bumping up my blog schedule once the new year kicks off, posting more throughout the week, and having a few "theme days" during the week. I am a big planner, so I have to be able to visualize that I can handle all of these posts before I commit to it ;)

Currently Listening To:
I have been loving country still. "Mean To Me" by Brett Eldridge, is my jam right now.

Currently Wanting: 
To chop my hair off! Let me know what you guys think. I'm super scared, but I am getting a little sick of my long hair.

Currently Feeling: 
Content. I am really starting to fall into the swing of my life lately. I am working full time, with grad school on the weekends. When I started grad school, two years seemed like such a long time. There is 8 quarters of school, and I'm already two weeks away from finishing my first quarter. I have a long ways to go, but thinking of the end goal has me so excited.

What's happening in your life currently? ...

Sunday, November 9, 2014

10 Ways To Save On Beauty Products

Hello everyone,

A lot of my friends will wonder how I can have so many products, when I'm not a millionaire or anything. I will always be the first to admit that I very rarely pay full price for a high end makeup product. That meaning, anything that I can't pick up at Target or Rite Aid, I try my hardest not to pay full price, unless it is a holy grail product that I'm okay with spending the money on. Below, I'm going to round up my favorite ways to try out new products for a discounted price, enjoy!

1. TJ Maxx (or other discount retail chains)

TJ Maxx often has really great skincare and body products that you can try for a discounted price. A few brands that they usually always carry that I'm obsessed with are... Elizabeth Arden, Bliss, Philosophy, and so many more. They are usually a pretty good discount, and a really great way to try new products! TJ Maxx also usually has really great hair products, I am not too picky with my hair spray so I will usually pick one up from here when I want to try a newer one because of the prices.

They also carry hot tools, such as blowdryers and flat irons, if you are in the market for one of those. On top of the amazing skincare/body care section, be sure to look up by the registers. They often have really great nail polish discounts. Butter London retails for $18 a bottle and I can usually find them for around $10 at TJ Maxx. Also, my favorite brand, Essie, is usually $4.99 at TJ Maxx and it is regularly $8.50

If I ever have some spare time on my lunch break or during the week, I like to check in on their beauty section, they have great products at great prices. The downside of this is that it is completely random, so although you might get an amazing eye cream for cheap, that doesn't mean it will be there again at that price when you are ready to repurchase it. I luckily am the type of person who loves to switch up their products, so this doesn't affect me much.

Find your nearest TJ Maxx here! 

2. Clearance Sections 

Ulta and Sephora are really great places to shop for high end makeup. In stores, they don't do much clearance, and if they do, it is usually on broken products or discontinued products (in my experience). Although, if you look online, their clearance sections are amazing. There is usually 3-4 pages of clearance on Sephora, and a lot on Ulta. I like to check up on these from time to time, and if something that I have been lusting over ends up on the clearance section, I am much more likely to splurge on it.

Check out ULTA's current clearance section HERE!
Check out SEPHORA's current clearance section HERE!

As far as clearance sections in the drugstore, they usually aren't amazing. Sometimes, limited edition sets will go on clearance which is really nice. The other day, Loreal had some clearance lip glosses for $3.98 a bottle. They were from a limited edition line from the summer, and they looked in perfect condition. Target was offering a $5 gift card when you buy two Loreal products. I bought two clearance lip glosses for roughly $8, and got $5 back.

3. Value Sets

Value sets are a really great way to be able to try multiple products from a brand, for a low price. The products are usually much smaller than full size, but it allows you to try out all the products for a while to decide if you like them enough to purchase. Ulta and Sephora usually have the best value sets. Both websites have a specific section for value sets.

Usually if I am wanting to purchase a certain foundation or eyeliner, I will first go see if I can find it in a value set somewhere. If I can try it out in a smaller size, but also receive an eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara with it, it is a much more appealing purchase.

ALSO, if you combine a value set with my last strategy, clearance sections, you can often find amazing deals. Value sets go on clearance a lot online, so finding one of those on clearance is like finding gold, it truly is a deal you can't pass up!

For example, here is a value set I picked up just recently. I paid $39 for this set. The Urban Decay eyeshadow retails for $20, and the Stila eyeliner retails for $20 also. I paid $40, which is the total of two of these products so it was basically like getting the NARS blush, BB Cream, Lipstick, and deluxe Mascara for free. AND it came in a cute gold makeup bag that I am currently using on a weekend trip right now.

Check out ULTA's Value Set section HERE!
Check out SEPHORA's Value Set section HERE!

4. Subscription Boxes

People have different opinions of subscription boxes, but I love them! Basically, you pay a flat rate either monthly/quarterly and you receive a box of products! There is no strategy to receiving certain products, it is random. This is a great way to try out new products for a really low cost ($10 a month for 4-5 sample, sometimes full sized, products). There are also higher value boxes, where you know you will be getting higher end products and the value of the box outweighs the cost of the box.

If you are the type of person who won't use smaller samples, and doesn't like to try new things, then I wouldn't recommend a subscription service to you. Like I've stated before, I love trying new things, so subscription services are right up my alley. I haven't had to purchase an eyeliner in over a year because I receive so many of them in boxes! : )

Here are the boxes that I have been subscribed to for a long time and would highly recommend.

Birchbox ($10 a month)
Ipsy ($10 a month)
FabFitFun ($49.99 every 3 months)

If you want to see how Ipsy and Birchbox compare, check out my "Subscription Boxes" tab at the top of my website and you can check out all of my reviews.

5. Coupons

Good ole' fashion coupons ladies ;) If you are a drugstore makeup gal, than make sure to look for some coupons. Magazines often have great coupons for certain brands, and especially for new products.

Products also sometimes have coupons ON THE BOX, for immediate discounts at the register so make sure to look for those because the cashiers often won't catch it either. They are usually little stickers on the front or back of the product.

The boxes of products sometimes have coupons for future purchases inside the box. Be sure to look out for those also. If you specifically shop at Rite Aid, or Walgreens, you can print coupons off their website also. It also doesn't hurt to check out specific brands Facebook Pages or Websites to see if they have any free coupons they are offering to print off.


Okay I feel a little like my mom here, because I never thought I would order off of a home shopping network... But it is amazing. They often carry a lot of the brands that I'm in love with (Philosophy, Bobbi Brown, Tarte, Too Faced, Benefit). I don't watch the actual shows, but I love looking on their websites at what deals they currently have.

For example, I love Philosophy's Purity face wash. 8oz is $23 at Sephora. QVC has a 32oz bottle for $52. I know I love this product so much and it is one of the only face washes I use. Buying the value size from QVC would save me $40. So it doesn't hurt to look on QVC/HSN for either value sizes like this example, or for value kits where they combine a bunch of products at a great price.

I would only recommend this if you KNOW it is a product you love and won't regret having 32oz of. They also just have great bundles of products and great specials on products, especially when they first launch. It is a place I never thought to look for makeup but have ordered a handful of things from just because of the deals and specials that they run.

7. Back to Mac
If you are a M.A.C. Cosmetics shopper, be sure you know about the Back to MAC program. If you bring 5 empty mac containers to their store you can exchange it for a free lipstick. I know not everyone is a MAC lover, but I am. This is basically exchanging your trash for an $18 value. You can't beat that. I just keep my empty products in a little drawer because it takes a while to hit that 5 product mark, but it is seriously money for your garbage, score!

8. Email Newsletters

If you have good self control, than this is a great idea for you. Make sure you sign up for email newsletters at all of your favorite brands. I have mine come to my normal email, but you could even set up a separate email address for brand emails. I am so surprised at how often a certain website will have a flash sale, where the whole website is 20% for the whole day, or free shipping on a holiday weekend. Like I said, it takes some self control because you don't want to place an order every time you get a discount email, or else I'd be broke.

9. Try before you Buy

This one seems self explanatory, but it is SO true. If you are shopping at a Sephora, Ulta, MAC, Nordstrom, Macys, be sure to ask for a sample of a product. I have gone into a store before dead set on buying a new foundation, because I had read so many amazing reviews from people I share similar opinions with. I asked for a sample, took it home, and HATED IT. Some stores have great return policies, but some don't. Don't be shy to ask for a sample. I like to only ask for 1 every visit, because I don't like to push the boundaries. If you are specifically at a store for a new concealer or foundation, an employee would be more than happy to get you samples of a few to try out at home before you buy.

Also, if you are shopping the drugstore, there isn't a sample option. I would recommend taking a quick google search on your smart phone of a product and read a few quick reviews from bloggers on their thoughts. We all are usually pretty honest about how a product works, and while the packaging and advertising might be amazing, a quick google search could confirm that the majority of people who tried the product you're looking at have hated it!

10. Wait For a Holiday 

I think if you are a product hoarder like I am, it is extremely important to be able to differentiate between something you want and something you need. Like I said above, I keep a list on my phone of things that I'm wanting to try, or to review for my blog. I will then keep my eyes out and wait for things to go on sale. Online stores usually have sales around any major holiday such as Veterans Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Black Friday (Cyber Monday!!), Christmas, New Years. If you can wait it out until you can grab something on sale, you will be able to save some great money! I think the important thing about all of these tips is to be smart with buying the products you want, so you never have to worry about affording the products you truly need.. Which brings me to my last and final tip...


My last tip here, is to be smart. If you get a bunch of discounts on products you'll never use, you're really not saving any money in the long run. I keep a list on my phone of products I'm currently lusting over. I discover a lot of products by reading my friends' blogs and finding out about products they are loving. I will add something to my list and then that will allow me to keep an eye out for a discount. I don't like to make immediate decisions on beauty products, since I have so many, I don't like things just sitting and not getting used. Don't go on QVC and buy 32oz bottles of all the products you own, you'll never go through them. There are plenty of ways to save money on makeup though, you just have to be looking, and be smart : )

Well there you have it, my top 10 ways to save money on beauty products. These are all things that I have personally done and will continue to do. I'm sure there is many more ways to save money on products, but I wanted to share ones that are realistic, and truly save you some bucks!

As always, thanks so much for reading.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

ClassPass Seattle

Hi Everyone!

Recently, I have learned about a new service, called ClassPass. When I heard of this company, I immediately thought "this is brilliant, why hasn't this been around longer?!" So I'm going to sum up what ClassPass is today, and give you all the information you need if you are interested in trying it out.

What is it? 

ClassPass is a monthly "membership" to participate in fitness classes at MULTIPLE fitness studios in your area! You pay a monthly fee (more on that later) and you can try out different classes at a range of fitness studios in your area that you don't have to have a traditional gym membership at. Here is an article from Glamour Magazine summarizing it really well, and providing some more details!

How Much Does it Cost?

It is $99 a month. This gets you unlimited classes for the month, with the only exception being that you can take a maximum of three classes per studio, per month. Once you see the city map of studios that welcome ClassPass members, you'll quickly realize that is no problem that you can only use each studio three times a month. A traditional spin class in a larger city can cost you upwards to $30, sometimes more.

How Does it Work?

Once you sign up, you will be on monthly cycles. If you were to sign up today, November 5th, your next month would start on December 5th. During that month, you can take up to three classes per studio near you. You "reserve" your spot in a class on the ClassPass website. There website is really simple to work, you click on a studio, and it will show you all of the classes they offer, with the corresponding times. You then reserve your spot in the class you would like.

Are There Any Hidden Fees? 

They do have cancellation fees, and no-show fees, which is understandable. You have 24 hours to cancel a class reservation, and if you don't have 24 hours notice, there is a $20 fee. Also, if you don't show up to a class you reserved, it is the same $20 fee. This fee might sound a little annoying, but you are taking up a spot on a reservation list, so it is important to give 24 hours notice so somebody else can sign up for the class!

What Do I Think?

Well, the theory of this company is amazing. I think it is such a brilliant idea. It just launched in Seattle, Washington. Literally, just launched. The company was generous enough to let me try ClassPass for one month, so I will be trying out some classes and letting you all know how the actual process of it all went a month from now! There are 69 studios that welcome ClassPass members in the Seattle/Tacoma area. This is a little bit of a commute for me, but I will be trying out some of the studios closest to me this month.

So what do you all think? Is this something you would pay for? With the holidays coming up, I think it would be a great way to really take unlimited classes, and with 69 studios offered in Seattle, you're bound to find a class that works any time you are available!

I can't wait to report back in one month how the process of reserving classes, and taking classes went. Until then, feel free to check out their website for more information, or you can check out their FAQ section here. 

As always, thanks for reading

Sunday, November 2, 2014

October Favorites

Hi all, can't believe it is already November! Although that means I will wrap up my current favorite items that I discovered during October. Here we go! 

1. Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Towlettes - Burts Bees

I love these so much. I have a particular wipe that I love to use to remove my makeup, but I also use them in the morning to quickly cleanse my face because I am much more lazy with my skincare in the morning. First off, these smell SO good. It is the most delicious peach smell, and I love it in the morning because it is very refreshing. The exfoliating aspect of it isn't as amazing as using an exfoliator, but it is definitely great for every day because it isn't too intense. 

2. Marc Jacobs Eyeliner in Black

I have been loving this eyeliner lately. It stays on really well, applies really smooth, and doesn't require a sharpener! I love twist up eyeliners, it is just much more convenient. It is a little spendy, but stays really well, I love it! I haven't tried anything else from Marc Jacobs new line, but definitely wanting to try more, really great quality!

3. Bath and Body Works Wallflowers

I am such a candle girl, I love burning candles. I have been extremely busy lately, which doesn't leave much time at home to burn my candles. I picked up a few of these wallflowers a few weeks ago and have been obsessed. They are such strong scents, and you can leave them plugged in all of the time. That is the best part, that my room can smell amazing all day without having to burn a candle. Currently I have Pumpkin Caramel Latte plugged in, but will soon plug in Tis the Season, which is my FAVORITE Bath and Body Works smell ever, ever, ever!

4. Pacifica Roll-On Perfume in Indian Coconut Nectar

I usually don't like roll-on perfume, but I have been obsessed with this one lately. I have thrown this in my purse and I find myself using it way more than I expected. It smells like vanilla coconut to me, but not too sweet. I have gotten a lot of random compliments when I wear this asking what I'm wearing, which never happens because I often don't wear strong scents. With a roll-on perfume, I put some on the inside of my wrists, sides of my neck, and inside of my elbows (those are the hot spots for perfume if you didn't know). I have been loving this, and it is super affordable!

5. Dior Creme De Rose Lip Balm

I just wrote an entire post about all of my favorite lip balms, but I have to mention this guy again. I am so obsessed, I have already made a dent and I haven't even had it that long. It is such a luxurious product, smells amazing, and works amazing. I apply it in the morning while getting ready, and throughout the day if I am at home. Completely loving this, and if you are in the market for a new lip balm, this might be a great one to ask for, for Christmas!


Television Favorites: 

I finally caught up with The Vampire Diaries, which I am just completely obsessed with. All 5 seasons are now on Netflix, and the 6th season is currently playing. I am now caught up with live television, which reminds me how much I hate waiting for a new episode ; ) Also loving Survivor this season, is anyone else watching it? I love it every season, it never lets me down!

Book Favorites: 

I am working on Big Little Lies right now from Liane Moriarty. It is pretty good so far, I'm listening to it from Audible, which is an app that allows you to listen to books. I have been listening on my morning commute to work, which I am actually really enjoying. Next on my reading list are Sharp Objects and Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.

Fashion Favorites: 

I have found a shirt from Target which I am obsessed with. They are V-Neck shirts, offered in a few different colors. They are very flowy and long, and perfect for layering in the fall. They go for $12 which I think is great, I have one in olive green (my favorite clothing color) and one in black. I definitely need to pick up a couple more because they are perfect with leggings, boots, and a scarf! You can find them online here! 

Thanks for reading! Next Sunday's post will be all about how to find the best deals on beauty products! Stay tuned : )