Sunday, September 18, 2016

saying goodbye | for now.

Well friends, this post has been in my 'drafts' folder for about three months, and I think it is finally time to publish.

I have been considering leaving blogging for about six months now. When I have told that to my close friends and family, they immediately reply with a shocked "WHY!?". Well, let me tell you.

I started this blog about three years ago, when I was in a very different spot in my life. I was 21, away at college, and still 'finding' who I was. I found a huge passion for makeup/fashion/hair, and I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts with whoever would want to read. I was in a pretty bad place in my life, and blogging was a creative outlet that I could have that also allowed for me to make new friends online and connect with people all over. I was extremely insecure during this time in my life, due to some poor relationships that I was involved in. I turned to makeup and beauty products to cover up my insecurities, instead of facing them head-on and building my self esteem.

Over the past year, I have become a completely different person. Just about anyone in my life could attest that the person I am now, is the most authentic version I've been of myself since about high school. I am so happy, active and have an insanely positive outlook on the world. I pushed my way through two years of graduate school, and achieved something that I truly never thought I would be able to. I now have my absolute dream job, which is my PASSION.

My passion now, is much different than my passion when I started this blog. I am to the point now where I have put so much time, money, and dedication into this blog that I don't want to leave it, but I don't love it anymore. I resent writing blog posts and I almost get annoyed with my own writing. I am not passionate about makeup or haircare any longer. I am passionate about making the world a better place, working with children, and being an elementary school counselor.

Now, I will always love blogging and writing, so there are no guarantees that you won't see me back in the future with a new blog. But for now, the "Glitter with Grace" journey is over. This started as a beauty blog that I am not longer passionate for. If you want to keep up with my life (and some occasional Stitch Fix posts, as those are my MOST read posts), feel free to follow me on Instagram.
My username is now: 'jaimiejosmith'

THANK YOU for reading my blog posts over the years, it has been a true honor and an absolute blast to share my life with you all. This might not be goodbye forever, but it is goodbye for now. :) I will be disabling my blog in about a week, and I hope you all can understand and support my decision.

xoxo, Jaimie.