Tuesday, May 6, 2014

DIY Lip Scrub - Vanilla and Brown Sugar

Today's post is going to be a DIY Lip Scrub! 
If you aren't using some kind of method to scrub your lips, you should start! 
Exfoliating your lips is just as important as exfoliating your face. Lip Scrubs help remove dead skin that is acting as a barrier between your lip balm and your lips. 

The great thing about this scrub is that there are only 4 simple ingredients! Even better news? You probably have all four of these ingredients in your kitchen right now!! 

Here's what you'll need! 

Honey : 1/2 teaspoon
Olive Oil : 1 teaspoon
Brown Sugar : 2 teaspoons
Vanilla Extract : 1/4 teaspoon

Step One:
First, add honey and olive oil to your mixing bowl and mix.

Step Two: 
Mix in your brown sugar. The honey and oil are really going to stick to the brown sugar so it might not seem like much is happening but just mix the best you can before Step Three. 

Step Three: 
Mix in your vanilla extract. It should look like the picture down below but you can tweak this recipe to get the texture that you desire. If it is too thick then add another drop of vanilla, if it is too "runny" then incorporate some more brown sugar. 

Step Four: 
Move your lip scrub to a storage container! It can be kept at room temperature, it just needs to be covered. This is what it should look like! It starts to harden the longer it sits.

How To Use:
Using a lip scrub is pretty simple. Get a dime sized amount on your finger and transfer it onto your lips. Then, do the obvious, scrub!

You will really start to feel the brown sugar working at scrubbing your lips, and it smells delicious! When you're all done, just wipe away with a damp towel. Good news, its edible so don't worry if you "accidentally" lick your lips! After you're done, just make sure to follow with a good chapstick or lip balm. This will really moisturize your lips after exfoliating away the dead skin. 

Hope you enjoyed! 
Thanks for reading,


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