Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Favorite Blushes!

Today I'm going to share my favorite blushes. I love blush, I feel that it tops off any look. I love really natural blushes, in the rose/coral/pink area. I don't play much with reds or purple tones in blushes, I stay around the same color tone as you will see below. I am sharing a few of my favorites today, leave your favorites in the comments down below, I love trying new blushes!

Tarte - Fearless

This line of blushes from Tarte is really great. They are 12 hour long lasting blushes, which is a totally true statement. They stay on really nicely, and blend nicely. I only have one from this line, so I can't speak for all of the colors, but this one blends really great. This pink one does have a tad bit of shimmer in it, but it looks really natural on the cheeks. I am definitely wanting to try the color "True Love" next from this line.

Milani - Tea Rose

This has been my go-to favorite for a few months now. It is from the drugstore, only around eight dollars which is great. It is completely matte, meaning there is no shimmer or glitter in it. It is the perfect rose color, and looks extremely natural on the cheeks. It is hard to find good quality blushes from the drugstore, but this one really stands up to my high-end blushes.

M.A.C. - Melba

MAC blushes are my favorite quality of blushes. They blend perfectly, it takes the smallest amount of product, and they are really pigmented. This color, didn't really pick up perfectly on camera. It is a really nice coral pink color. There are some more coral undertones than my camera picked up this day. It still looks really natural on the cheeks, but with a pop of brighter color than my rose pink blushes that I just mentioned. I have loved every blush from MAC that I have, but this is definitely my favorite! 

NARS - Orgasm

Sorry about the name, I don't name the products. Besides that, it is an amazing color! It combines all of my favorite things in one. It is a really nice pink color, with some coral undertones, and some gold shimmer. The shimmer looks SO natural on the cheeks, and I always feel like I'm "glowing from within" when I wear this. It sounds silly, but it just makes my skin look really healthy. I was just swatching more blushes from NARS today in Sephora, and I'm not too crazy about any of their other colors. If you are going to try one NARS blush, try this one! 

The Balm - Frat Boy

The Balm is only available online (I'm pretty sure), but they are close to drugstore prices. This is another really nice matte pink color. It is a little deeper than the Milani one I shared earlier, but still just as natural. This one is extremely pigmented, so I have to be light handed with it, but it blends perfectly. The packaging is extremely cute too! 

Those are my top favorite blushes! This is the tough part about being a blogger, because I just wrote about how much I love blush, and now all I want to do is buy another blush!!! The struggle is real people. What are your favorite blushes? Have you found any good ones from the drugstore? 

As always, thanks for reading 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Top 5 Fashion Staples

My blog has always focused on beauty and hair products mainly, but I've had some requests to start including some fashion posts as well. I am in no ways a fashion blogger, there are some EXTREMELY talented fashion bloggers out there, but today I thought I would just share some of my staples.

First, I want to share a little bit about my sense of fashion. I don't really have one ;) I aim for comfortable, and effortless. Although my fashion isn't effortless at all, I like it to look that way. I aim for simple pieces, with appropriate accessories. I like a lot of browns, blacks, dark greens, and grays. I don't mind playing with patterns, but stay solid for the most part. I like a little bit of edgy fashion, but also like dressing very classy and timeless. It really just varies!!

1. A good pair of leggings

Shoot me now, I consider leggings pants. I think the reasoning behind why I do that, is because I've found the perfect pair that really are pants. I have gone through endless pairs of leggings, they either rip within a month, are see through when I bend over, you can see my underwear line, or they aren't thick enough to wear without a shirt or dress over it. I always wanted my leggings to be cheap, so they ended up performing like cheap leggings. Once I found Zella leggings, my life was forever changed. I would buy 10 pairs of these over and over again because they are the best.

These leggings are thick enough to keep you warm, but thin enough to work out in if you please. They DON'T show an underwear line or your underwear color if you are bending over, they aren't see through at all. They are very good at compressing your body, so it really squeezes everything in, without feeling tight and restricted. They have such an appropriate amount of stretch, but they don't stretch out throughout the day. They stay very compressed and comfortable all day, but aren't restricting to wear (does that make sense?). I am so overly impressed with these leggings, I will never look for another pair again. I highly recommend them.

Click HERE to browse, bookmark, or buy Zella Live-In Leggings!d

2. Basic layering tops
I like my shirts to me loose, and comfortable. I usually accessorize around my shirt, so I don't get too wild with the actual top. I found these V Neck shirts from Target, and I am in love. I have it in four colors, black, forrest green, white, and beige (the beige one is too small though, bummer). They sometimes have more colors online, and next time I catch new colors I'm going to place an order! They are long enough to wear with leggings if you like your bum covered, they are loose fitting, but don't look like a dress. I am obsessed with these shirts, I want every single color! They are only $12, which isn't bad at all!

Click HERE to browse, bookmark, or buy Target Drapey V Neck Tees! 

3. Vests

Vests aren't for everyone, but I am overly obsessed. I lust over every single J. Crew vest, I currently want their camouflage one!! I have found that Old Navy vests are really comparable, I have every single color they made this year, and I'm not ashamed of it. I have army green (my favorite clothing color), cream, navy blue stripe, and black. They are nice a quilted, not puffy so they don't get warm, they are perfect for spring! I usually pair my vests with a nice thermal, I have some from Target and some from Old Navy.

Click HERE to browse, bookmark, or buy J Crew Vests
Click HERE to browse, bookmark, or buy Old Navy Vests 

4. Blazers
I work in an office, so M-F I am dressed business casual. I used to think blazers were so ugly, but one I found a brand that makes adorable ones that fit so casual, I became obsessed. I find myself wearing blazers in my everyday wardrobe as well with a pair of skinny jeans. I love the blazers from Charlotte Russe. They run around $30, sometimes a little more. I have black, black and white stripe, royal blue, and currently lusting over the red blazer! I think it is a quick way to turn a casual outfit into something a little nicer. The ones from Charlotte Russe just fit so well, and look so cute and casual.

Click HERE to browse, bookmark, or buy Charlotte Russe Blazers! 

5. Statement Necklaces
I guess this might not fall into fashion completely, but I love to top most of my looks off with some statement jewelry. Like I said, I like to go for pretty simple clothing, so getting a little bright with my jewelry is always fun. I don't like spending too much money on jewelry though, so I love to go to Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Francescas, or Charming Charlie for my jewelry! I mainly just go for necklaces, I'm not a huge fan of bracelets or rings.

Click HERE to browse, bookmark, or buy Charlotte Russe Necklaces!
Click HERE to browse, bookmark, or buy Forever 21 Necklaces!
Click HERE to browse, bookmark, or buy Francesca's Necklaces! 
Click HERE to browse, bookmark, or buy Charming Charlie Necklaces! 

Well those are my top 5 fashion staples. What are yours?
Do you want to see more fashion posts? Let me know!

As always, thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Wheel of Fortune Experience and Most Asked Questions!

Hello all,

I WAS ON WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Yes, I know, crazy! For me, I've watched it my entire life. I used to sit on my Dad's lap and play it on the computer when it used to be a computer game. I remember watching this with my family every single night after dinner my entire life. I've always liked word games, and games in general, and I've watched game shows since I was a little girl.

When I heard that there was an opportunity to audition for Wheel Of Fortune, I knew that I had to do it, it truly is a bucket list experience! My experience was broken down into three phases, so here we go...

*Please keep in mind that there is more than one way to audition. You can apply online, submit videos online, any maybe even other ways. I am sharing my specific experience, which was also very similar to other contestants experiences I met on the day of my taping. Also, this will be a very long post. I wanted to round up everything in one post for everyone to have in one place.

Wheel Mobile : Tacoma, Washington

Wheel Of Fortune does a contestant event called "Wheel Mobile". It is a Winnebago, that travels around the country holding auditions for the show. I heard about this about a week before the actual event, and I had friends and family members sending me information about the Wheel Mobile event.

I work about 40 minutes away from Tacoma, and the shows were at 4:00, 6:00, and 8:00. I knew I couldn't make the 4:00 show, and the 6:00 would be a stretch. Also, the wheel mobile was a two-night event, with three shows each night. The first night, I chickened out and didn't go. The second night, I contemplated all day going, but I had nobody to go with. Something in me didn't want to go alone, but at around 5:03 after getting off of work, I took a left turn instead of a right and headed to the audition, alone.

In my mind, I honestly thought I would be the youngest person there, I thought there might be 50 people, in their 40's or 50's (no offense to anybody of that age), but oh boy was I wrong. There was hundreds of people there, hundreds! All ages, and the energy was INSANE.

You fill out a little sheet with your name, information, and a few interesting things about you, and then you put it into a big pot with hundreds of other sheets. A lot of my friends and family told me to be enthusiastic so I get called on stage, but there is no strategy to it, they just draw names out of a big bingo roller. There is no way that you can get ahead.

I went to the 6:00 show, and I never got called up on stage. That is pretty much your only shot at getting called back for a second audition. From there, I had a choice to stay for the 8:00 show, or go home. I had to work the next day and I was extremely tired, but I decided to stay. I went back and got in line, filled out another card, and put it back into the pot. I was the first person called up on stage!!! It was so exciting. 5 of us went up on stage, and played a little fake round of Wheel of Fortune. Since I was first, out of 5 people, the puzzle was solved by the 5th person. I didn't get a chance to call more than one letter, but it was still really fun. The "fake" Pat Sajak interviewed me, and I thought I did okay. From there, they said you might or might not get an email for a final call back audition....

Tips and Tricks for This Portion: 

Sine there is no strategy to getting called up on stage, truly make the best of it when you are up there. They are looking for enthusiastic people, who play the game smart and can pronounce their letters loud and clear. Be energetic, outgoing, and fun!

Final Audition : Seattle, Washington

I was so excited when I received an email inviting me to a final audition! I again, had second thoughts, I still don't know why I had those thoughts! I decided to buck up and go to the audition. It was a much more formal audition, there was about 50-60 of us maybe. We filed into our seats, and they showed us some fun Wheel of Fortune videos to loosen us up. The contestant coordinators are so great, they make you feel so comfortable, and truly make the experience fun. They started by just playing a bunch of rounds. They would call our names, we would stand up, and our turn would start. A worker would spin the wheel for us, and we would call the letters.

When my turn came, I was doing SO great. The letters I was calling were up there, and I was racking up a lot of fake money. This is what the puzzle looked like to me.

_ _ L L   LEN_TH   WALL

So obviously, you all know the puzzle. Well, I thought I did to. I went to solve, and I blurted out "TALL LENGTH WALL MIRROR". It couldn't be that, because a "T" was already up on the board, but when the pressure is on, and you aren't watching from home, it is SO much different! The puzzle was actually "Full Length Wall Mirror" and the next contestant solved. 

I thought my chances were done. From here, we went to a written test (yeah, these auditions are no joke). It was a sheet of paper with about 20 puzzles I think. It would be a puzzle with a bunch of blank letters, and we just had to fill them in.

I got 7 of them, and couldn't even begin to think what the rest might be. From here, we went on a break and they said when we come back they would make a cut from 50-60 of us down to about 15-20. I thought I was officially done, I only got 7 puzzles right, and I made a fool out of myself solving the puzzle wrong. When I started talking to others, some people said they only got 1 or 2 puzzles right, so it was hard not to start thinking maybe I had a chance?!

We went back to the room, and they started calling names of people they want to stay. Before you know it, my name was called! The room quickly narrowed down to about 15 of us, and my chances just got a lot more real! 

We played some more in depth games, actually pretending to spin the wheel, and buy vowels depending on the money we had, and did some photos and contestant interviews. It was over before I knew it, and they said that we should hear within two weeks if we were chosen.

Well, two months went by and I didn't hear anything. Then, one random day, I got an email. I was invited to an actual taping! I again, had a lot of second thoughts, mainly because I didn't know if I wanted to be on TV. The email came to me on January 10th, and my taping would be on January 29th. I was surprised at the short notice, but after 24 hours of thinking, I decided to go for it. I knew I would never get this opportunity again, and my mom and sisters said they would go for sure! 

Show Taping : Culver City, California

Once I officially decided to go through with the process, we booked our flights and our hotel. Wheel of Fortune does not pay for your transportation to the show, but if you have watched before you see that you get $1,000 even if you don't win anything during game play.

We flew out of Washington on Wednesday, January 28th (My Mom's B-day!). We flew into LAX, and then took a taxi to our hotel in Culver City, about 10 minutes away, where the show is actually taped. We stayed at The Four Points by Sheraton, which is a recommended hotel from the show, and you do get a discounted rate for being a contestant. On Wednesday, we went to lunch and then went down to Venice Beach to walk around. I barely ate all day, I was SO nervous. I don't know if I've ever been more nervous for something. I felt sick to my stomach all day long, and kept freaking myself out.

On Thursday, the day of taping, I woke up bright and early to get ready. I did my own hair and makeup. They have people there that will touch you up to make sure you are ready for TV, but you are supposed to come with your hair and makeup fully done. They offer a shuttle from two of their recommended hotels, which picked me up at 7:15am. If you stay at a different hotel, or even live nearby, you are responsible for getting to the studio by 7:45am. Once I started meeting other contestants in the shuttle, my nerves started to settle and I switched to excited mode.

We went to a contestant dressing room, where they had a wide spread of snacks and drinks for us, which was really nice. We had to fill out a lot of paperwork, and read through a bunch of rules and regulations. We filled out a publicity release form as well, with some questions on it in case our local newspaper wanted to write an article, or in case the show wanted to feature our personal story if we won big or something.

From here we were briefed on more rules, compliance regulations, and ways that they make the show fair for everyone. The employees that work for this show are AMAZING. They make everything so fun, and comfortable for you and help ease the nerves. We got to go out on set which is nice, because I was totally shocked when I walked out I'm so glad we got to go out there before the actual taping. We took some photos up at the wheel for us to keep, and then we filmed some "Hometown Howdies". These are small clips that they send to our local station that airs Wheel, and they can choose to air them if they want. For mine, they had me say "Hi, I'm Jaimie from Elma, watch me play Wheel of Fortune on KOMO 4". They had us practice spinning the wheel, which was always helpful. It is much smaller than it looks on TV, but it is also a lot heavier than you would guess. They taught us how to spin it efficiently, and correctly.

After we rehearsed on stage for a while we went back to the dressing rooms. They slowly pulled two people at a time to touch up hair and makeup, and during that time we all got briefed on more show rules, and special themes or wedges that might be on the wheel this week. They go through each prize on the wheel, what it means, how you use it, and how you can lose it. The greatest thing about this experience, is that they truly WANT you to win! A lot of people asked me questions like that, and yes, they WANT you to go home with a lot of money! They give you so many tips and tricks, suggestions for letters to call regarding certain categories, and so forth.

After more briefing, we finally got to figure out who we film with. They tape 6 shows in one day, so there was 20 of us in a room. 18 of us would be contestants, and 2 pre-chosen individuals were the alternates for the day in case anything happened. The show predetermines the groups of three. They read off our groups, and then determined a "ball picker" for each group. That person picked a golf ball out of a bucket that had a number 1-6 on it. That number determined the number of the show which you taped that day. My group picked number 2. I couldn't be happier. I wanted to get my show over with early, and this gave me 1 show to watch and ease my nerves, and then get it over it. If you are a future contestant, keep in mind that you might be at the studio until 6pm, if you are chosen for the 5th or 6th show.

After some more rehearsing, they guided us up to the audience to watch the shows for the day. I got to watch the first show, which was so much cooler to watch in studio, and especially when I know the people playing personally from spending all morning with them. The show finishes taping in about 20 minutes, and then it was my turn. They touched up my makeup a little more, got my microphone hooked up, and guided us out to the stage.

This part was SO surreal. Watching Pat and Vanna walk out, looking and waving to ME was the coolest thing. I have watched the show since I was young, so I was so star struck. The show starts right away with the first toss up, interviews, and then a second toss up. I was most nervous about the interview, but it went by so quick. I honestly don't remember what I said, it was an out of body experience! We then went into puzzle one, commercial break (which are only about 2 minutes long in studio) puzzle 2, puzzle 3, toss up, puzzle 4(final puzzle) and then the bonus round.

It is over before you even register the fact that you've started! After the show, they lead you up to a room where they print off a summary of your show detailing what you won. This will include the $1,000 if you didn't win anything during game play, or any prizes or money you won during the show. You sign a waiver saying you agree to the prizes you won, and some tax information, and then you are free to go.

So many of my friends and family asked me so many questions about the experience, so I figured I would include it all here in one place.

Q: Why can't you tell people what you won?
A: Why would I want to? I am so excited for people to watch me, and that would completely take away the excitement of it all! Their main rule is that it can't end up on social media. I have decided to play it safe 100% and wait until the show airs to talk about anything I did or didn't win. I had to wait to tape the show, so you have to wait to see how I did ;) In the more departmental side of things though, if The Bachelor always told you who won before the season started, you probably wouldn't waste the time watching it. Wheel of Fortune is on its 32nd season, so I'm sure they have so many reasons behind this policy.

Q: If you get 2nd or 3rd place, what do you get? 
A: You get what you won during game play. Which is so amazing. For example, if the first place winner had $20k, 2nd place had $15k, and 3rd place had $10k, they would all go home with that amount of money. So if you play smart, you can still walk away with a large chunk of money even if you aren't the big winner. If you don't win any money during game play, the show gives you $1,000 for being a contestant.

Q: When do you get your winnings, if you won anything?
A: Up to four months after your AIRING date. For example, if a show airs on March 1st, the contestants will receive their cash and prizes by July 1st. Again, the show has been on for 32 years and I'm sure there are plenty of reasons behind the waiting period. It seems so far away, but I'm sure it will come up soon!

Q: If you win money, do you actually get it? What about taxes? 
A: I am not tax savvy, so I am writing exactly what they gave me in my paperwork before the show.
"Unless forfeited, all winnings are considered taxable income and will be reported to the IRS. You will receive a "1099" in whichever year you actually receive your cash. You will receive a "1099" for both your cash and prize(s) at the same time, regardless of when you take receipt of each"
So yes, you actually get the cash you win, a check for the exact dollar amount. You then have to claim it as income on your taxes.

Q: If you win a car or a trip, can you get the cash value instead?
A: For trips, no. They are non-transferable and cannot be substituted, exchanged or redeemed for cash.  For cars, that is also no. Contestants can't receive cash in exchange for a car they won. It will become yours so if you choose to sell it once you receive it then that is your personal choice.

Q: Are Pat and Vanna nice?
YES. Vanna came into the studio while we were rehearsing. She was in her sweatpants, no makeup, and hair up in a bun. I was so star struck. She is such a natural beauty, and she came right into our rehearsal and told us all good luck and that we are so lucky to be one of the few people chosen per year to be contestants. That was my only interaction with Vanna since she is so far away over at the board. As far as Pat goes, he is so nice. They say that he is a genius on the show, he has seen/hosted every single show for over 30 years. During commercial breaks he would tell us tips and tricks such as to really pay attention to the category, or buy our vowels. During the first commercial break, he told us that we are past the hard part, and the rest is just playing the game. He was great!

Q: Why does everybody yell on the show? *This was a question that a cab driver asked me in Cali
A: A lot of letters in the alphabet sound similar. B D P are examples, or M and N. They don't ever want there to be a discrepancy about letter calling, so they want to be sure we are yelling letters loud and clear. The audience is almost constantly clapping so you have to speak loud enough so Pat, and the judges can determine what letter you are meaning to call. They also want you to be enthusiastic, so this helps!

Q: What happens during commercial breaks?
A: Commercial breaks in studio are only about 2 minutes long. The employees bring you water, fan you off (its so hot when you are filming, the studio runs cold, but I was sweating during my show from nerves), and the makeup team will come powder you and make sure that everything is still looking great. By the time you take a drink of water and get touched up, you are back up at the wheel coming back from commercial.

Q: Is the show live?
A: No. I filmed my show on January 29th, and it will air on March 10th. As far as the taping goes, if there is any major discrepancies in game play, such as somebody trying to slur their letters, or cheat, then they can stop the taping and start a new round, but nothing like that happened during my taping. We taped straight through with no stops, which is what happens the majority of the time they said.

Q: Is the wheel heavy?
A: Holy Crap, yes. It is heavy!! My arm is extremely sore today, which sounds so lame. It isn't something that you can fluently spin, if that makes sense. You have to reach really far to the right, pull it toward you, and then push it away. That is how they teach you to spin the wheel, and that makes it a lot easier. If you pay attention on the show you will notice that is how everyone spins, by pulling it to them, and then pushing it away. My ring finger is also really bruised from grabbing the spokes on the wheel to spin.

Q: How is the experience for your family in studio?
A: My mom, and both of my sisters made the trip with me. The day of taping, they are responsible for getting to the studio by themselves, transportation is not provided. They come to the studio around 11, and I had been picked up at 7:15. They get briefed by the employees, and they are told they can't take photos with their phones or cameras, and they have to be quiet during filming and not answer out loud or whisper anything to the person sitting next to them. Also, the contestants CAN'T interact with their families. When the families walk in, you have to completely ignore them. Your family will be briefed on this, so they know you aren't trying to be mean, but I wish I could have told my family that myself ahead of time because I felt bad not even looking at them when I knew exactly where they were at! They said it was fun to watch and be an audience member, but it was a lot of clapping!

Q: Is it a competitive atmosphere?
Not really! All of the employees truly want you to win a lot of money. As do all of the contestants. During my taping, all three of us were very supportive of one another. Of course it's a bummer when somebody solves right before you, but you want the best for everyone you play with. I am an extremely competitive person, but in this environment I just wanted all of us to have fun, and I hoped all three of us would win some money. During every commercial break we would all tell each other how well we are doing, or give a pat on the back if a round didn't go to well. I loved the two people I played with, they were awesome!

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask and I will answer what I can. I am so glad I went through with this process, I mean how many people can say they've been on Wheel of Fortune!? Watch me spin the wheel on March 10th!

As always, thanks for reading.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

2015 Grammy Awards : Best and Worst Dressed

Happy Grammy day! I love looking at pictures of all of the dresses on the red carpet, some are good...and some are bad. I'm going to round up my top 5 looks, and worst 5 looks from the night.

*PLEASE keep in mind that everyone views and looks at fashion differently. That is what makes fashion so much fun, let me know if we have the same taste, or if you disagreed with any of my picks! 

BEST DRESSED: (obviously I loved the color black this award show...)

1. Beyonce. 
I normally am not a huge fan of Beyonce, I do like her, but I'm not obsessed with her like most people. When I saw her on the carpet tonight, I was blown away. I love the way that she went very natural with her hair and makeup, it shows her natural beauty, and allows the focus to be on the dress. The dress is gorgeous as well, I love how she didn't have a clutch, and the plunge in the front is the perfect amount, and not too risky.

2. Nicki Minaj
Talking about risky plunge lines... This one goes a little deeper, but it works for Nicki. This is tailored perfectly to her body, and really compliments her figure. Her makeup is so gorgeous, natural and subtle, and I actually love the hair as well. I do wish the bottom of the dress was all sequin, instead of transitioning into fringe, but I still do love that.

3. Miley Cyrus
LOVE her look this year. I feel like everyone went very casual with hair and makeup, which Miley did as well this year. I think this dress if making a great statement for herself, still risky but not inappropriate like she has been in the past few years. Cut out dresses were huge on the red carpet this year, and she really pulled it off. I think if this dress was a bright color, it might have ended up on my worst dressed list, but the black really allows for the cu touts to happen without being over the top.

4. Chrissy Tiegen (and John Legend, of course)
Chrissy is my fashion icon. She always kills it on the red carpet, mixing the perfect amount of sexy and beautiful. I love her hair and makeup here, natural and effortless, definitely a trend during this show. The cut outs hit all the right places, and the white really compliments her skin tone. John looks great as well, they are such a power couple!
5. Jessie J
Another black look, but I love it. I'm not the biggest fan of the short sleeves, I wish it was sleeveless, or long sleeve, but other than that I love it. I love the detailing, I love how the bottom is sheer, but still appropriate. Her length of hair doesn't leave much room for creativity, so I don't love the hair but I love the makeup. Simple, with a bold lip, for a bold dress. 


1. Rihanna
Really... Really. NO. I love her hair and makeup, I will say that. But the dress is a total miss for me. The material is odd, if it was lace or silk it might have been a touch better but I don't like the material, and the double layer of dress makes it way too much. I would love to see a photo of her sitting in her seat with this, doubt she would be able to see the stage!
2. Madonna
Oh man. Where to start, the whole look is a total miss for me. I can't say a single thing I like about this. Sorry Madonna!

3. Charlie XCX
Charlie XCX is a bold, brave girl, and she isn't afraid to show that on the red carpet. She also ended up on my worst dressed list for the MTV movie awards this year too. I totally love when women wear a pant suit, but this one is just off the record. If she didn't have those fur shawl it honestly might have worked, but this is just a NO for me. 

4. Ciara
Yikes, so much wrong here. First off, her legs are incredible, look at those calves! BUT, the dress is a big no-no for me. Too much going on, just like Rihanna's dress, if it was toned down a notch or two it honestly might have worked, but this is just a little too over-the-top for me. 

5. Katherine McPhee
This one is a bummer, because this dress has a lot of potential. If the side cut outs weren't there, it would have been a hit. I love the plunge line with the bars, and I love the color on her skin tone. I am not a fan of the side openings. Her hair and makeup don't match this outfit at all. I am not a fan of the slick back, she should have had it down and natural like a lot of the others on the carpet this year. Also, the earrings are off, they should match the bars on her dress, or just went with a simple stud. 

*Aside from the people above who I loved!

Love Anna's hair here. Her makeup is the perfect amount of natural, and her eyes really pop!

Katy's eye makeup tonight was so on point. I don't know if I've ever loved her makeup more than I did tonight! Woman Crush for sure! 

Kim Kardashian always has the best makeup. Her brows and eyes are really popping in this look, and I love her effortless hair. She just chopped it off a few days ago, and I'm loving it. 

I love Olivia's lip color choice tonight! Perfect for a black dress. 

I think the only thing that could have made Rihanna's dress worse is if she went with crazy hair or makeup, so I do appreciate the fact that she went natural. Gorgeous! Love the earrings too.

Love Taylor's makeup tonight. The teal color around her eyes really brings out her blue eyes, and the white in her waterline really makes everything pop as well. I love the nude lip, red would have clashed.

Well there are my top fashion and beauty picks for the night. Do you guys agree with my picks? Who was your best and worst dressed?

As always, thanks for reading

Monday, February 2, 2015

February Goals & January Update

If you remember, on January 1st I posted a blog post all about my plans for 2015, and the goals that follow with a new year. I decided not to do a "new years resolution" this year, and to do monthly goals. I'm going to quickly update how I did on those goals, and set my goals for February. Check out the post here if you want to read more into my goals in detail.

January Goal Update:

Quit Starbucks : SUCCESS. I went all month without Starbucks. I am going to roll this one over to February, it has saved me money and calories and I would like to continue with this great habit I've made NOT to stop there daily! I still have had a cup of regular coffee at home, but I am going to continue not going to Starbucks. I am proud that I did this one, as silly as it sounds. 

Gym Three Days a Week : semi-success. The first half of the month, I rocked this goal. It was a really great number that I made it and felt good about it weekly. I was going about 4 days a week actually, but it was way better then before when I wasn't going at all. Toward the end of the month, I had a lot going on. School assignments, hard drive on my computer crashed, and I found out that I was going to be on Wheel of Fortune (blog post coming). Toward the end of the month I kind of let this goal slip by, which is why I'm going to continue it for February, not increasing it at all, since I didn't completely succeed at this. 

Blog Post Twice a Week : Also, semi-success. The hard drive on my computer crashed a few weeks ago and my beloved Macbook has been at the doctors. I finally have it back, and will continue this goal as well, I think twice a week is a really nice balance of posts here. I did as good as I could with this goal though, until my computer decided to blow up. 

February Goals : 

1. Hit the Gym Three Days a Week! 
This goal might sound familiar, it's because it is. I didn't quite succeed at this the entire month so I'm going to set it again for myself and start fresh. My sister has actually mentioned that she wants to start going 5 days a week, so I'll most likely start going with her, but I will keep my actual goal at 3 days a week. *I actually just got home from the gym, woohoo!! 

2. Eat Lunch at Home 4 days a week!
I live in a town with A LOT of restaurants and fast food nearby. I live about two minutes away from work, so I usually go home for lunch. Lately, I have been really lazy about grocery shopping, and I've been picking up some lunch somewhere at then bringing it home. I am going to go grocery shopping either tonight or tomorrow, and aim to eat lunch at home everyday. It will save me a lot of money, and be much healthier. I set my goal at 4 days a week, so that I have at least one day (out of a work week) that if I have to run some errands anywhere I can pick something up and not feel guilty about it. 

3. Drink a gallon of water daily!
I drink quite a bit of water, but lately I've really been slacking. I've been craving sugary drinks (maybe because I quit Starbucks) and I've been opting for Gatorade or Juice before water lately, which is totally not like me. This month I really want to work on my water intake, and eliminate all other beverages (other than my morning cup of coffee, I don't know if I could ever give that up.

Those are my three goals for the month. Upping my water intake, staying consistent with hitting the gym three days a week, and work on staying home for lunch more. All three of these things will make me feel better, and also help me save up some money, which are my overall goals for the year.

How are your resolutions going so far!?

As always, thanks for reading