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All About Primers

Today's post is all about primer! If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry, just keep reading! A face primer is exactly what it sounds like, a primer to apply before you apply your face makeup or powder. You wouldn't paint a house without applying a primer first, and you should be using a base coat or nail primer before painting your nails, so your face isn't any different! I have used a primer for a few years now but I still know there are many out there that don't even know it exist. Hopefully this either helps you discover a primer for the first time, or to find some new products if you already have been using a primer.

What does a primer do!?

First, primers can offer many different benefits depending on the one you choose and love. Some primers contain SPF in it, some claim to minimize pores, reduce natural oils, moisturize, and some even offer anti-aging benefits. Most primers aim to smooth out any fine lines, blur any imperfections, and fill in large pores, but this all of course depends on the primer you choose.

Next, primers can come in a variety of textures. The majority of primers contain a mixture of waxes and/or silicones, which really help smooth out the skin and fill in any fine lines and pores. All of the primers I have tried are either transparent, or tinted. Tinted primers can provide a little extra layer of coverage if you need it or just help to reduce redness and blur any imperfections. Transparent primers can still offer the "blurring" effects by

Face primers can be personalized for your skin type. If you have oily skin, you might want to consider going for a primer that aims to minimize pores and reduce oils. If you have dry skin you might want to consider trying a hydrating primer that is going to give your skin a lot of moisture. Also, if you have dull skin you might want to aim for a primer that is going to give illumination and a natural glow to the skin. If you are unsure of your skin type, you can check out my post HERE to help determine which skin type fits you best! Please keep in mind that I am a combination oily skin type, so most of the primers that I will mention down below aim to reduce oil, fill in pores, and leave me with a matte finish. If you are looking for a brightening primer I know that Loreal Magic Lumi Light Primer has really great reviews!

Why should you be using a primer?!

Like I said above, primers can offer a lot of skin care benefits, but there are more reasons to try one out! A primer is going to offer a great barrier between your skin and the makeup products you use for the day. A primer has skin-loving ingredients in it, so placing a barrier between your face and your foundation/bb cream/powder is going to help reduce the clogging of your pores. If you can find a primer that works for you that happens to contain SPF, then that is another added bonus! My holy grail primer doesn't include SPF so I just apply a separate one when I do my skin care in the morning.

The main reason I started using a primer is because I was tired of my foundation disappearing from my skin halfway throughout the day. I am one of the lucky ones that got blessed with oily skin, so my makeup can tend to slip and slide throughout the day if I don't go through the correct steps to keep it in place, which all starts with primer. It definitely helps my makeup stay on longer and all adhered together instead of disappearing.

What are the best primers?!

So hopefully by now I've convinced you to go try one out for yourself, and if you are going to do that, then there are a few great ones from the drugstore that I can recommend that you can start off with before splurging on an expensive one.
***I apply all of my primers the same. I apply about a pea-size amount between two fingers, and pat that into my T-Zone. Patting motions instead of sweeping really help minimize pores and get the most out of your product. After patting it into my chin, nose and sides of nose, and the middle of my forehead, I rub what is left over the rest of my face (usually not much left)***

1. Maybelline Baby Skin : Instant Pore Eraser
Out of the three up above, I prefer this one the best. It offers a really great texture that helps fill in any fine lines and definitely helps fill in pores. I don't think it does as great of a job as my high-end primers which I will show later, but for the price point it really does the job! If you are looking for your first primer I think this is a really good place to start. I picked mine up at Target for around $6.00.

2. NYX Shine Killer
This one is extremely similar to the other two up above, does a fine job for the price and it does pretty much what you need a primer to do. The thing about this primer that sets it aside from the rest is that you can apply this throughout the day OVER your makeup. This one always stays in my purse in case my oily skin peeks through late in the day and I need to help it get back to a matte finish. I still apply it the same way when I apply over makeup, I use a really small amount and just pat it onto where I want the shine to reduce. You can find NYX at Ulta, and some Targets for around $12.00. I'd honestly recommend almost anything in their range, it's a really good brand!

3. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Primer
This primer is really great, it is definitely a silicone base primer as you can tell by the clear texture.  It is relatively cheap and it is a great primer for beginners that haven't ever tried one. This one offers some benefits for mature skin so if you are looking for any anti-aging properties, then I would recommend you this one! I don't notice my makeup slipping off my face when I wear this. You can find this at all drugstores for around $6-$8.

I have definitely tried a lot and can confidently say that the ones that have worked best for me were a little more expensive, but worth it. I have oily skin, so having a good primer is really essential for me to refrain from looking splotchy throughout the day. I have found the one I love and it isn't cheap, but I would recommend it to almost anybody with any skin type!

1. Benefit PoreFessional
MY. ABSOLUTE. FAVORITE. Yep, this primer beats out all other primers on this post. It isn't transparent, but it isn't aimed to be a tinted primer. It has a little color but it isn't going to cover a blemish or anything. It fills in my pores so nicely, blurs any fine lines and really just helps even out my skin tone a little before whatever other makeup I decide to do that day. I really love this stuff, it retails for $31.00, and I think it's worth every penny!

2. Cover FX SPF 30 Protection Primer
This has about the same texture as the drugstore ones mentioned above, but it does provide SPF. It has a really nice citrus smell (if scents matter to you), and is a transparent primer. I really do like this, I don't know if I would repurchase it just because it retails for $38.00. I received this in a FabFitFun Box (post coming soon on the summer box), so I didn't actually have to purchase this. I won't repurchase it, but it isn't a terrible product. The added SPF is a bonus.

3. Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12 Hour Primer
This one also contains SPF 30, and also is a tinted primer. This is going to provide extra coverage for you and it can even just be thrown on if you want to even out any redness before running some errands. It can be worn alone or under foundation, but when applied right it can provide a really good base for your look! This one retails for $35.00. I love almost everything from Tarte.

4. Mirabella Prime
This one isn't anything special honestly. It preforms just like the drugstore ones above in my experience. I wouldn't recommend this to you unless you are like me and just like trying products for the fun of it! It can be used for both the eyes and the face which is an added bonus, but it doesn't feel like anything special to me.

5. Smashbox Photo Finish
I only have a sample size of this primer, but I have gone through about 10 sample sizes so I've used it enough to know I like it. It is a transparent primer as well, but something about it just preforms so much better than those drugstore options. This is known as one of Sephora's "Iconic" products so that definitely says a lot! If you want to dive into the high end side of primers, I would recommend the Benefit Porefessional and then this one!

I hope todays post helped you learn a little about the importance of a primer, and helped you discover some new products!

As always, thanks for reading
xoxo, Jaimie

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