Friday, May 23, 2014

Makeup Sponge Showdown! Beauty Blender vs. Real Techniques

I've been applying my foundation with the Beauty Blender for almost 2 years now, and I am definitely bias to their brand and didn't ever see the need to try out any of the "knock-off" beauty blenders that are out on the market (there are a ton!) 

Until I kept seeing reviews of the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.
Bloggers were saying that it was a true contender to the beauty blender, and it does a very comparable job if you're looking to save some money. So while I was at Ulta a few weeks ago I picked up the Real Techniques sponge and tested it out for you guys! 

1. Cost

Beauty Blender 
runs you $20, or you can get a pack of 2 for $30. I always buy the 2 pack, and they really last a long time if you're sure to wash them after every use. When you think about it, $20 is a lot of money just for a sponge, but once you try it it quickly becomes worth the price. 

Real Techniques
sponge is $6. Super affordable and available in some drugstores. 

Obviously the Real Techniques sponge wins in this category, and if you're looking to try a sponge for your makeup application, maybe trying the Real Techniques $6 sponge is where you should start, and then splurge on the Beauty Blender if you want! 

2. Shape 

Beauty Blender
The beauty blender has a tear drop shape to the sponge. I tend to use the bigger end for all over my face, and the pointy end for smaller areas such as around my nose and eyes. I have never felt that it needed a different shape or other feature to achieve a better application, but the next sponge offers a little more with shape.

Real Techniques
The real techniques sponge has 3 different parts to it. It has the pointy end, just like the beauty blender does. It also has a rounded side, but it is on the side of the sponge and not the opposite end. The part that is different on this sponge is the flat edge that it entails. While first trying this out, I didn't really think I had a use for the flat edge, it just didn't feel necessary. I started reading more blogs to see how they all utilized the flat edge and many people said they used it for the sides of their nose and their forehead. I guess it works great for the side of the nose, but I don't feel like it is absolutely necessary.

This category is a little hard for me to choose. I've been using the Beauty Blender for so long that the shape feels perfect to me, but the real techniques sponge offers another dimension to it. I would have to say that the Real Techniques sponge wins in the shape category just because it has everything the beauty blender has, and extra! 

3. Application

Beauty Blender
To use the beauty blender, you are supposed to run it under water for a few seconds and it will then double in size. After it is damp, you can put your foundation straight on the sponge, or distribute it onto your face first. After that, you are to use bouncing, patting motions to blend your makeup into your skin. It truly is amazing it gives a really natural look because the sponge is damp and I will never go back to using a brush again. It blends out perfectly while giving great coverage!

Real Techniques
To use the real techniques sponge, you are also able to run it under water and watch it expand. The creator of this sponge actually recommends leaving it dry, but I got mine wet so that it was an equal comparison. I have since used it dry and it just feels weird to me, I like the feeling of a wet sponge while applying my makeup, so I won't be using it dry.  It doesn't quite double in size when it gets damp, but it does get larger. It acts similar to the beauty blender while actually applying the makeup, but I don't feel that it blends out as perfectly and it takes a little longer to achieve the perfect coverage and appearance. 

Beauty Blender has to win here. It applies much nicer on the skin and gives a much nicer end result. It is easier to blend, faster to achieve what you're looking for, and just functions way better. 

4. Overall Impression

Overall, this is tough!! Like I said at the beginning of my post, I have been using the Beauty Blender for a long time and I have grown to accept the price, so trying something new in this category is hard for me. 
If you are looking to try using a sponge, I would recommend the Real Techniques sponge because it is more affordable and you have less to lose if you don't like the function of a sponge. If you have been using the beauty blender and are wanting to save some money, the real techniques sponge does a comparable job to the beauty blender. 

Overall, I think the Real Techniques sponge is a very comparable option to the Beauty Blender, I'll leave the actual decision up to you :) 

Thanks for reading!

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