Monday, November 30, 2015

Stitch Fix #2

Hi Friends!

I decided it was time to try out Stitch Fix again, since I had a fun experience last time, and gained a cute new shirt out of it (which I get so many compliments on!).

If you missed my first post about Stitch Fix, you can find that here. I really detail the entire process in that post, to how the payment works, and all of the fine details. Check out that post first if you want more information about Stitch Fix as a company!

Here is what I received in my second Stitch Fix Box.

 1. Eden Society - Sonya Wool Boyfriend Blazer >>> $108.00
This was a complete bust for me. This fit like a mans blazer, and wasn't flattering at all. It was a true wool piece, so it was very heavy and great quality, just not my style. I do like wearing blazers often, but the blazers that I have a very lightweight and flattering for my body. This was a bust, I also would never spend more than $100 on a blazer.
Verdict: Sent Back!

2. Staccato - Ginia Layered Cowl Neck Sweater >>> $58.00
This was a love/hate item for me. It looked like something that I would never wear, but once I put it on, it was actually pretty flattering and I could see it looking cute with a hat, or a scarf. Unfortunately, the cowl neck was a bit uncomfortable for me. Overall, I would definitely wear this piece if I kept it, but wasn't enthused about spending extra money on this.
Verdict: Sent Back

3. Alice Blue - Becker V-Neck Blouse >>> $44.00
I love this shirt! When I pulled it out, it immediately looked like something my size. It looked a bit boxy/large when I first looked at it, but once you put it on, it immediately falls really nicely to your body frame and relaxes really great. I go line dancing with friends quite a bit, and this top was adorable with jeans and cowboy boots, but I can also see this working nicely with work pants or dressed up! I am glad I kept this! 
Verdict: Obviously Kept;) 

4. Papermoon - Taluca Striped Pencil Skirt >>> $58
This skirt was adorable. It fit so amazing, and I don't normally love skirts. It was a tighter skirt, but looked very flattering and wasn't too tight by any means. This was also the type of skirt that you could easily pull up further, or fold over to make it shorter or longer. The only reason I didn't keep this was the fact that it was navy blue. I couldn't find anything in my closet currently that would look cute with this, and also didn't have any cute shoes that matched this great. I do regret sending this back, I really should have kept this as I do have a hard time finding skirts! 
Verdict: Sent back, wish I kept it!! 

5. Bay to Baubles - Holloway Stone Fringe Necklace >>> $28.00
Not much to say on this one. I thought it was a decent necklace, but for $28, no way! I have a lot of jewelry, and I prefer to go the affordable route with my accessories. I would never spend $28 on a necklace, let alone one that I wasn't sure I'd wear multiple times!! 
Verdict: Sent back! 

Overall, it was a decent Stitch Fix. I kept the one blouse, but wish I would have kept the skirt as well! Here is how the payment worked for this box: 

- When I scheduled my fix, I got charged $20.
- The blouse was $44
- I've already paid $20 for styling, so I then just pay $24 at the time of my exit survey online.

So in the end, you still are paying the price of the item, but if I didn't keep anything, I would basically pay $20 for nothing. It is a weird concept, but makes total sense once you do it! If you have any questions, or if I left anything out let me know and I will try my best to answer, or find you an answer!

If you schedule a fix through my referral link (Click on "Stitch Fix" below) I will receive a small commission that will apply toward my next Stitch Fix (which will keep great blog posts like this coming!).

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