Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Favorite Blushes!

Today I'm going to share my favorite blushes. I love blush, I feel that it tops off any look. I love really natural blushes, in the rose/coral/pink area. I don't play much with reds or purple tones in blushes, I stay around the same color tone as you will see below. I am sharing a few of my favorites today, leave your favorites in the comments down below, I love trying new blushes!

Tarte - Fearless

This line of blushes from Tarte is really great. They are 12 hour long lasting blushes, which is a totally true statement. They stay on really nicely, and blend nicely. I only have one from this line, so I can't speak for all of the colors, but this one blends really great. This pink one does have a tad bit of shimmer in it, but it looks really natural on the cheeks. I am definitely wanting to try the color "True Love" next from this line.

Milani - Tea Rose

This has been my go-to favorite for a few months now. It is from the drugstore, only around eight dollars which is great. It is completely matte, meaning there is no shimmer or glitter in it. It is the perfect rose color, and looks extremely natural on the cheeks. It is hard to find good quality blushes from the drugstore, but this one really stands up to my high-end blushes.

M.A.C. - Melba

MAC blushes are my favorite quality of blushes. They blend perfectly, it takes the smallest amount of product, and they are really pigmented. This color, didn't really pick up perfectly on camera. It is a really nice coral pink color. There are some more coral undertones than my camera picked up this day. It still looks really natural on the cheeks, but with a pop of brighter color than my rose pink blushes that I just mentioned. I have loved every blush from MAC that I have, but this is definitely my favorite! 

NARS - Orgasm

Sorry about the name, I don't name the products. Besides that, it is an amazing color! It combines all of my favorite things in one. It is a really nice pink color, with some coral undertones, and some gold shimmer. The shimmer looks SO natural on the cheeks, and I always feel like I'm "glowing from within" when I wear this. It sounds silly, but it just makes my skin look really healthy. I was just swatching more blushes from NARS today in Sephora, and I'm not too crazy about any of their other colors. If you are going to try one NARS blush, try this one! 

The Balm - Frat Boy

The Balm is only available online (I'm pretty sure), but they are close to drugstore prices. This is another really nice matte pink color. It is a little deeper than the Milani one I shared earlier, but still just as natural. This one is extremely pigmented, so I have to be light handed with it, but it blends perfectly. The packaging is extremely cute too! 

Those are my top favorite blushes! This is the tough part about being a blogger, because I just wrote about how much I love blush, and now all I want to do is buy another blush!!! The struggle is real people. What are your favorite blushes? Have you found any good ones from the drugstore? 

As always, thanks for reading