Sunday, February 8, 2015

2015 Grammy Awards : Best and Worst Dressed

Happy Grammy day! I love looking at pictures of all of the dresses on the red carpet, some are good...and some are bad. I'm going to round up my top 5 looks, and worst 5 looks from the night.

*PLEASE keep in mind that everyone views and looks at fashion differently. That is what makes fashion so much fun, let me know if we have the same taste, or if you disagreed with any of my picks! 

BEST DRESSED: (obviously I loved the color black this award show...)

1. Beyonce. 
I normally am not a huge fan of Beyonce, I do like her, but I'm not obsessed with her like most people. When I saw her on the carpet tonight, I was blown away. I love the way that she went very natural with her hair and makeup, it shows her natural beauty, and allows the focus to be on the dress. The dress is gorgeous as well, I love how she didn't have a clutch, and the plunge in the front is the perfect amount, and not too risky.

2. Nicki Minaj
Talking about risky plunge lines... This one goes a little deeper, but it works for Nicki. This is tailored perfectly to her body, and really compliments her figure. Her makeup is so gorgeous, natural and subtle, and I actually love the hair as well. I do wish the bottom of the dress was all sequin, instead of transitioning into fringe, but I still do love that.

3. Miley Cyrus
LOVE her look this year. I feel like everyone went very casual with hair and makeup, which Miley did as well this year. I think this dress if making a great statement for herself, still risky but not inappropriate like she has been in the past few years. Cut out dresses were huge on the red carpet this year, and she really pulled it off. I think if this dress was a bright color, it might have ended up on my worst dressed list, but the black really allows for the cu touts to happen without being over the top.

4. Chrissy Tiegen (and John Legend, of course)
Chrissy is my fashion icon. She always kills it on the red carpet, mixing the perfect amount of sexy and beautiful. I love her hair and makeup here, natural and effortless, definitely a trend during this show. The cut outs hit all the right places, and the white really compliments her skin tone. John looks great as well, they are such a power couple!
5. Jessie J
Another black look, but I love it. I'm not the biggest fan of the short sleeves, I wish it was sleeveless, or long sleeve, but other than that I love it. I love the detailing, I love how the bottom is sheer, but still appropriate. Her length of hair doesn't leave much room for creativity, so I don't love the hair but I love the makeup. Simple, with a bold lip, for a bold dress. 


1. Rihanna
Really... Really. NO. I love her hair and makeup, I will say that. But the dress is a total miss for me. The material is odd, if it was lace or silk it might have been a touch better but I don't like the material, and the double layer of dress makes it way too much. I would love to see a photo of her sitting in her seat with this, doubt she would be able to see the stage!
2. Madonna
Oh man. Where to start, the whole look is a total miss for me. I can't say a single thing I like about this. Sorry Madonna!

3. Charlie XCX
Charlie XCX is a bold, brave girl, and she isn't afraid to show that on the red carpet. She also ended up on my worst dressed list for the MTV movie awards this year too. I totally love when women wear a pant suit, but this one is just off the record. If she didn't have those fur shawl it honestly might have worked, but this is just a NO for me. 

4. Ciara
Yikes, so much wrong here. First off, her legs are incredible, look at those calves! BUT, the dress is a big no-no for me. Too much going on, just like Rihanna's dress, if it was toned down a notch or two it honestly might have worked, but this is just a little too over-the-top for me. 

5. Katherine McPhee
This one is a bummer, because this dress has a lot of potential. If the side cut outs weren't there, it would have been a hit. I love the plunge line with the bars, and I love the color on her skin tone. I am not a fan of the side openings. Her hair and makeup don't match this outfit at all. I am not a fan of the slick back, she should have had it down and natural like a lot of the others on the carpet this year. Also, the earrings are off, they should match the bars on her dress, or just went with a simple stud. 

*Aside from the people above who I loved!

Love Anna's hair here. Her makeup is the perfect amount of natural, and her eyes really pop!

Katy's eye makeup tonight was so on point. I don't know if I've ever loved her makeup more than I did tonight! Woman Crush for sure! 

Kim Kardashian always has the best makeup. Her brows and eyes are really popping in this look, and I love her effortless hair. She just chopped it off a few days ago, and I'm loving it. 

I love Olivia's lip color choice tonight! Perfect for a black dress. 

I think the only thing that could have made Rihanna's dress worse is if she went with crazy hair or makeup, so I do appreciate the fact that she went natural. Gorgeous! Love the earrings too.

Love Taylor's makeup tonight. The teal color around her eyes really brings out her blue eyes, and the white in her waterline really makes everything pop as well. I love the nude lip, red would have clashed.

Well there are my top fashion and beauty picks for the night. Do you guys agree with my picks? Who was your best and worst dressed?

As always, thanks for reading

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