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Everyday Makeup Routine | August 2016

It has been a hot second since I've shared my everyday favorite makeup products. If you've noticed, I've stopped posting as much about makeup items over the past year. The reason behind this, is because I truly am not as "obsessed" with makeup as I used to be. I am so confident and comfortable in my own skin, that I've found products that work well and so I don't see any reason to try anything new. I have been using the same makeup routine for about 6 months now, only adding about one or two new products along the way. So when I share my favorites below, please note that these are truly my FAVORITES and they are working so well for my skin. Let's go!

The first product that really transformed my makeup journey was the It Cosmetics CC+ Cream. I usually love switching up my foundation options, but ever since I discovered this, I haven't switched back to anything else. As you can see, I have two colors below. I normally am the shade "light" but ever since I got back from Mexico and have prolonged that tan through summer, I have to mix "light" and "tan". This product is technically a CC cream, so it doesn't offer 100% full coverage like a foundation, but that is why I love it. This evens out my skin tone, provides a healthy glow, and covers the majority of any imperfections all while looking INSANELY natural. I'd highly recommend this product.
Purchase here: It Cosmetics CC+ Cream (I use color "Light" and mix with "Tan" when I'm tan)

Let's talk about this tragedy. I dropped this product and I still haven't really recovered from it... I have been using this translucent powder for longer than I've been using the CC Cream, but the combination of the two are a match made in heaven. They are from the same company, so that's not a huge surprise to me! It is translucent, so it isn't going to add any color or coverage to your skin, it is just going to take the shine off of your skin. I run combination/oily so a setting powder is essential. I have already repurchased this product, I love it!
Purchase here: It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores

After my foundation/powder application, I always wear bronzer. If I'm a hurry, I will throw on bronzer and skip all other face products (that I will still show below) but I always wear bronzer. I have been using this bronzer for well over two years now, it works perfectly with my skin tone. Warm bronzers pull really orange on my skin, so this cool-toned bronzer looks the perfect shade on my skin, adds warmth but doesn't turn me orange. I apply it with a duo fiber brush, mine is from Sedona Lace.
Purchase here: Too Faced Chocolate Soliel Matte Bronzer (I'm in the shade medium)
Purchase here: Sedona Lace Duo Fiber Brush 813

I definitenly don't wear blush every day, just depending on time. If I do have the time to wear blush, I've been loving this blush for a very long time. It does have a little bit of a sheen to it but it isn't obnoxious on the cheek. It is a really great peachy/pink color that really works well with my skin tone. I apply this with an angled blush brush. If I don't want a shimmery blush, my other go-to is a blush from Mac in the shade "Melba"
Purchase here: Sedona Lace Blush Brush

 Since getting eyelash extensions (full blog post about those here) my eye makeup routine has been SO easy. I swipe this cream shadow on my lid daily, and that's it. If I have extra time I will put liner and mascara on my bottom lashes (I'll share those below) but if I'm in a hurry I just throw this on and walk out the door. It is a really pretty rose-gold color that adds some color but isn't overly noticeable. I love this so much! I already know that I will repurchase it when it runs out.
Purchase here: MAC Paint Pot in Vintage Selection

So if I am wanting my eyes to look a little darker and put together, I will throw liner and mascara to my bottom lashes. Since I don't do this often, I've found to stick to some great drugstore options for these products since it is just my bottom lash line. I picked up an extremely basic liner and mascara, and love them together!
Purchase here: CoverGirl Professional Super Thick Mascara
Purchase here: Maybelline Eyestudio Master Precise Skinny Gel Pencil

So those are my everyday products! Some of them I don't use everyday, but I basically use the CC Cream + Powder, bronzer, and the cream eyeshadow everyday. I have really been loving these products and haven't had the desire to purchase anything new or every try anything new. I love these products and truly can recommend them to anyone! They're great. Please let me know if you have any questions about the products above, and I'd love for you to leave your everyday products in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading.
xoxo, Jaimie

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